Sweater Vests, Y’all!!

I can’t lie. I see sweater vests at thrift stores and think “how can I convince the general public that these are amazing, without coming off as a vintage woman in search of her 1980s youth?”

To that end, I’m pretty stoked to find out that I’m not the only one out there thinking there needs to be a sweater vest revival. Cutting edge design concepts happening up in the house of Junque Rethunque, yo!

Feast your eyes…

Sweater Vests, Y'all! | JunqueRethunque.com

You know I’m in love with the stitching around the edges… and the seemingly pieced-together shirt? Eeek!


Sweater Vests, Y'all! | JunqueRethunque.com

“… puckish attitude and provocative styling.” Indeed.


Sweater Vests, Y'all! | JunqueRethunque.com

Let’s not forget – Ladies can rock the sweater vest too… ;)

What are you eager to see show up on the runways in 2018? Dream big!

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