Slow Fashion at NWA Fashion Week

Well, there’s a new chink in my pistol handle – a notch in my belt – a symbol of some kind (a pair of scissors?) on my metaphorical airplane. I’m able to call myself a fashion designer! My 15-year-old self, furiously drawing prom dresses in her spiral notebook is super-excited.

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Okay, I was seventeen here, but this me is super-excited too.Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and child

The NWA Fashion Week was so much fun, and such a cool thing to do, I’m actually thinking of adding repurposed fashion to my regular lineup. I have some fun ideas for a line of jackets I want to make, and hopefully sell – I mean, that’s the ideal scenario – and after Christmas making is done I’ll get busy on them. And I am even more committed to spreading the gospel of slow fashion in my community.

Keep your eyes open for some future posts about the creation of each outfit, but for now, here is a link to a video of my show, and a couple of little interviews that were filmed by the Arkansas CW the week of the event. Take a minute to appreciate my fantastic MODELS, y’all! They did such a great job!! Enjoy!!

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