Slow and Balanced

Slow and Balanced and NWA Fashion Week |

My NW Arkansas Fashion Week collection hits the runway tomorrow night and I’m still embellishing and hemming. I have some shopping to do to finish a couple of looks. And, I had an interview this morning for the Arkansas CW network.In a bit, I’ll have some models here getting some last fittings done.

Oh, and next week, the show I agreed to organize costumes for opens at a local theatre. Because why not do ALL THE THINGS AT ONCE!?

But you know, I’m feeling remarkably calm.  Am I serving home cooked meals this week? Nope. Am I working on my writing projects? Not a chance. Will those notebooks be waiting for me after next week? And will my family survive? Yep and yep.

I am working hard on letting things I can’t manage sit quietly and wait for me. At first, when I decided I needed to make some priorities, those second-tier things were pretty noisy. They would show up and bug me on my to-do lists, or pop up when I was trying to plan my week.

They would try to make me feel guilty. “Why can’t you take your laptop to piano lessons to work while Boychild is becoming the next Harry Connick, Jr.? You’re so LAZY.”

But I kept saying no. Ignoring their jerk moves. I read a book instead, letting myself have a little down time that I COMPLETELY DESERVE. Or I ran errands, which won’t get done if I don’t do them, piling up on my list and becoming yet another source of guilt.

Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

Today is a busy day, but I’m a grown-ass woman, and can decide for myself what to spend my time on. Life’s too short not to do all the cool things you want to do, but it’s also too short to beat yourself up about things that you can decide NOT to do.

What things have you been putting off? And what are you doing because you think you “have to”? (Because other people think you should??) Maybe take another look at those lists.


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