Browsing and Buying at the NWA Boutique Show

There’s an annual shopping event here in NW Arkansas called the NWA Boutique Show that is crammed full of vendors selling all kinds of things to get shoppers ready for the holidays. A few of my maker friends were going to be there yesterday, and all of them make items that I own or buy as gifts, so I woke up to a beautiful blue-sky fall day ready to run over and do a little shopping before the Hubs was up and people expected me to make meals for them.

So, after I told him what I was going to do, and he offered to tag along, the look on his face when we walked in the door of the convention center where the booths were set up was preeeeeety hysterical. Imagine lots and lots of sparkle and frou-frou and wall-to-wall women. He and my son took off, sprinted through the aisles, and texted me when I was about half-way through the place saying they were done and headed outside.

I admit, there was not a lot there that I was interested in. I don’t tend to buy a lot of stuff that’s made in China, or that is a knockoff of something I’ve seen an artist making… or that is popular just because it’s seen in magazine pages. And really, there were LOTS of booths that were all about the currently-trendy patterned leggings and long bo-ho tunics and sweaters. Meh. I do love leggings – but I’m okay with buying them at Walgreens and finding the rest of my clothes at thrift stores. To each her own, right?

I was really there to see and support my friends anyway, so I didn’t mind moving along pretty quickly. I picked up a few goodies for myself and others, and saw a few things that were really cool, so I thought I’d share my favorites with you.

All of the images here are borrowed from the vendors’ websites, and my love for them is not compensated – just FYI.

First up, my friend Brandy of Bella Vita Jewelry. She makes gorgeous, gorgeous, vintage-inspired jewelry and I love everything on display. I am not kidding when I say I constantly get comments whenever I wear the pieces I own. These little bracelets are some of my faves. She doesn’t make the beaded parts, but hand stamps the charms. Her website is dreamy too, be sure to look around.

Browing & Buying at the NWA Boutique Show |

Next up is Beth Macre’s Heart Homes and art. She makes these little houses, as well as little polka-dotted mushrooms, and birds and darling little what-not bowls. She is also doing more drawing and painting and her whimsical designs are so fun and fresh. Great for little girls’ rooms! I have two little houses, a mushroom and a couple of tiny bushes on the nightstand in my guest room.

Browing & Buying at the NWA Boutique Show |

These Mydrap napkins were new to me at the show – I hadn’t seen them before. They are on a roll, and there are lots of colors and designs. You tear them off like paper towels, but they’re cotton! They have linen ones too, which are more pricey – but what a great idea, right?? Of course, as a maker myself, I’m also thinking about how they could be used for sewing and stitchery projects… hmmm….

Browing & Buying at the NWA Boutique Show |

Finally, my friend Stacie is the illustrator behind Gingiber, and is taking the world by storm. I met her for the first time at this very show about five or six years ago, and it’s been so fun to watch her business grow. She also has three adorable children, and is a totally real momma and maker. You can get to know her better in this podcast on Hear Motherhood – a podcast another friend of mine produces. I am so grateful and inspired by all the creative people I know!

I bought this little owl calendar to replace the fox one I have sitting on my nightstand in my guest room. Obviously, my guest room is an adorable place, right?? If you visit these folks and purchase any of their gorgeous things, be sure to let them know I sent you! Happy shopping!

Browing & Buying at the NWA Boutique Show |

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