Reconnecting with the artist.

I’ve always been a maker. There have always been notebooks and sketch pads nearby, and I’ve dabbled in all manner of creative expression. But over the years the time I could devote to this side of myself ebbed and flowed, as it does with most artists who also have full time jobs and kids and responsibilities, and have to do their making as a hobby.

I have been (mostly) fine with that, but lately I have been feeling the need to express myself with paint and pens and paper again. I need to spend more of my time being an artist. So this morning, I made time to binge on podcasts and get my hands dirty.

My favorite materials are colorful papers – especially vintage ones. I have a big drawer full of old magazine pages, sheet music, images from children’s books, sewing patterns, old photos… just all kinds of paper. I also love old ledgers and receipt books that include beautiful script handwriting. And if you know me, you know my thing for maps.

This morning I pulled out a plaque I found at a thrift store (one of my favorite sources for art materials) and started putting together what I believe will be one in a series of garden goddesses. Or they may be fairies… I’m not sure yet. I’m not super confident in the process, but I know that it will figure itself out as I go.

I’m planning to have some at a new indie art/craft show I’ve been invited to participate in this December. I haven’t sold any real “art” before. Or, more accurately, anything I would call art. So I’m looking forward to seeing how these come together and how they go over.

If you’re in Northwest Arkansas (or Oklahoma or Missouri, or anywhere else close by) come to the show!

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