Refresh with Salvation Army

Recently, I was offered the opportunity to spend a gift card at my local Salvation Army store and share some decorating ideas as a guest blogger on their website. How … Continue Reading →

Apply Now for The Little Craft Show |

Apply Now for The Little Craft Show!

Hey, hey, fellow makers! If you are looking for a fun show to be a part of this spring, get over to The Little Craft Show’s website and have a … Continue Reading →

Laundry Room Love |

Laundry Room Love

If you follow me on Instagram you may remember me mentioning my clothes dryer dying last fall. I was able to keep us all in clean clothes for something like … Continue Reading →

Creating a vintage day. |

Creating a vintage day.

If you’re keeping up with my “vintage, repurposed life” theme (don’t feel bad if you’re not – it’s haphazard at best!!) you know I like to think of living a … Continue Reading →

Browing & Buying at the NWA Boutique Show |

Browsing and Buying at the NWA Boutique Show

There’s an annual shopping event here in NW Arkansas called the NWA Boutique Show that is crammed full of vendors selling all kinds of things to get shoppers ready for … Continue Reading →

Vintage Mail : and more memories of grandma |

Vintage mail and more memories of grandma.

Last week I got a lovely package in the mail from an acquaintance on Instagram, Chanelle Ambrose. She is an estate sale aficionado, and came across some quilt squares she … Continue Reading →

Taking a Creative Break |

Taking a Creative Break

For crying out loud, it’s October. Am I the only one out here thinking that? Everyone is all “pumpkin spice everything!” and “pretty leaves” and I’m all “holy crap there … Continue Reading →

It’s Junk Ranch Time in Prairie Grove

I made the tough decision to not apply to any shows this fall. No junk selling, no handmade making… It’s been freeing, in some ways, but I also miss hanging … Continue Reading →

Easy Vintage Lighting Project |

Easy Vintage Lighting Project

A friend of mine put out the call for folks to come help her clean out some junk she needed gone, and I’m not one to turn away from a … Continue Reading →

Champions, Cook-offs, and Community at the Washington County Fair

When I was a little girl I lived for the bright red candy apples I could get every year at the state fair. The midway was full of penny arcade … Continue Reading →