Learning New Tricks

I found an artist named Kelly Rae Roberts in an issue of Where Women Create and immediately fell in love with her creative style. I started following her online, and soon discovered we are weirdly in sync in several ways. Her dog, like mine, is named Lulu, we loved mixed media and collage, we have a similar clothing style, and we both keep our bangs really short. I may have come off as a weirdo groupie on her Instagram page about all this. I’m trying to lay low now so I don’t freak her out.

Anyway, I subscribed to her weekly video series a couple of months ago and have enjoyed letting them stack up in my email inbox and binging on them when I need to do something mundane like fold clothes, or while sitting in my Big Chair sketching new making ideas. In the videos, she makes art while chatting with the viewers – or sometimes with visiting friends. Watching her create inspired me to pull my paints out again, and use the ones that aren’t dried out (about half of them) to make actual art. Like this lovely lady:

Learning New Tricks | JunqueRethunque.com

Last week, Kelly Rae announced an incredible discount to celebrate her 10th year as a professional artist. It included her Spirit Wings class, so I jumped at the chance to put it in my cart and hit “BUY”!

Today, the Hubs and Boychild and I ran some errands, and I stopped by a local art store to check out their supplies. I need to compare the online prices before committing to too much, but I did place an order at DickBlick.com tonight for some things I didn’t see in the store.

Most of the materials on the supply list are common sense, and I either have comparable items already in my stash, or can easily find them locally. The biggest difference between the official list and the supplies I’ll use is that I’ll be creating my works on repurposed thrift-store canvases. Actually, not “canvases”, but plaques. I already have a few I’ve created work on (like the one below), and enjoy the limitations using found materials puts on me in terms of what I can do. I think I have enough (I need 6) already, but I can easily pick up a couple more if I need to.

Learning New Tricks | JunqueRethunque.com

As you can see, I already love to use paper ephemera in my pieces. This one includes old sheet music, a photo for ladies foundation wear (ahem!), images from vintage children’s encyclopedias (the butterflies), and old gardening catalogs. I need to find more gardening catalogs, because they have the BEST colors and imagery! I also love the quality of the paper they’re printed on. If you run across any, send them my way. :)

As I scrolled through the Instagram feed for the hashtag Kelly Rae and her students use when they post images of what they’re working on, I found a student/artist who said she was making a piece for her niece. I think I’m going to do the same – set an intention for an angel someone else I know might need, and create based on the thought of gifting the finished piece to them.

I’m so excited about getting started! I’ll be sure to share my works in progress here and on Instagram. I’ll probably post on IG more often, so if you don’t already follow me there, please do!

What are YOU working on lately?

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