Laundry Room Love

If you follow me on Instagram you may remember me mentioning my clothes dryer dying last fall. I was able to keep us all in clean clothes for something like 4 months using the clothesline in our backyard – but today, I finally have bath towels that don’t double as loufas.

I really didn’t mind hanging clothes out to dry. It’s a few minutes of quiet time for me to just be outside thinking my own thoughts and listening to the birds and squirrels running along the branches of the oak trees. And we were fortunate to have a pretty mild winter (so far) – it could have been worse.

So today, two nice men from Lowe’s brought me a brand new dryer – not a matching set, because who cares. I bought a new washer a few years ago and it’s still great. At least they’re both white.

So, as you can imagine, a new appliance meant I had to clean the poor washer a bit. And sweep the floor. And then the blank wall above them started laughing at my ongoing procrastination in getting anything hung up to make the room at least a little bit attractive.

So I spent two hours showing that wall who’s boss!

Whose laughing NOW, wall!!??

The shelf is a vintage ironing board I removed from its base, and of course I was doing this project with no planning so I attached the brackets to the wrong side… It was supposed to “point” to the left. Not stick out over part of the sink. *grumble*

But I had been procrastinating actual work long enough so there was no way I was going to take them off and fix it. Besides, that’s what crates are for! I picked a couple up from my friend Joy at Cellar Door Store last week, and with a little finagling, it was perfect.

With a little “shopping” around the house I was able to pretty it up a little. I’m feeling pretty good about how it turned out. What are you working on this week?

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