Helping Bees in my Neighborhood |

Helping Bees in my Neighborhood

A friend of mine is an entomologist, and knows just about everything there is to know about bees. When I went to a presentation he gave last year I was … Continue Reading →

A Sense of Smell |

A sense of smell.

I have long been a fan of the smell of tomato plant leaves. They are peppery and earthy… really nothing at all like the sweet, tangy flavor of the fruit … Continue Reading →

Tomatoes and Tadpoles

The weather forecast all week was predicting rain for today, but the clouds never unloaded. It was nice to sleep in with the gray skies outside the windows, but when … Continue Reading →

Wednesday Morning Jam

My friend, Mel, posted photos of her jam extravaganza last week, which reminded me it’s strawberry time in Arkansas. So yesterday I took my son to a local farm to … Continue Reading →

king snake in our yard April 2015 Northwest Arkansas

Boys and their snakes.

Last week we had a gorgeous blue-skies kind of spring Saturday, and were able to spend it in the yard digging and raking and relocating stuff in our back yard. … Continue Reading →

My mothers shoes |

My mother’s shoes.

After my mother died, my sister and I went through her belongings and made decisions about what things of hers to keep, what to send to our brothers, and what … Continue Reading →

Good grief.

It’s Tuesday, and I have several projects that have to be addressed this week, and I sat for 2 hours on my derrier watching a movie with my daughter tonight. … Continue Reading →