Easy Vintage Lighting Project | JunqueRethunque.com

Easy Vintage Lighting Project

A friend of mine put out the call for folks to come help her clean out some junk she needed gone, and I’m not one to turn away from a … Continue Reading →

Repair a Broken Bird Feeder | JunqueRethunque.com

Repair a Broken Bird Feeder

No one knows exactly how it happened, but one day a couple of months ago our large bird feeder was discovered on the ground under the tree with the glass … Continue Reading →

Liv Alight bicycle for mother's day

I can explain.

Back in January, I announced that I was challenging myself to only buy personal clothing and home goods second-hand. No new clothes, accessories, throw pillows, furniture, photo frames, dishes… You … Continue Reading →

My Secondhand Year: Clarification| JunqueRethunque.com

My Secondhand Year: Clarification

I am slowly wrapping my head around what it will be like to only buy secondhand in 2015. And it’s not going to be easy, people. (Here’s where I announced … Continue Reading →

2015: My Second-Hand Year | JunqueRethunque.com

2015: My Second Hand Year

Over the last week or so my husband has been sick with the crud that seems to be taking no prisoners here in NW Arkansas. I have been spared, thankfully, … Continue Reading →