junque rethunque signJunque Rethunque was built on the idea that although an item may be old, or even in disrepair, it is not devoid of value. Time-worn furniture, tarnished silver, and faded quilts stored for decades carry stories with them, and in the right hands and with a little creative thinking, they can be made new and useful again.

Junque Rethunque is all about re-purposing and re-creating, but it includes more than vintage and DIY projects. I believe every day should be “vintage”, that is, “denoting something of high quality, especially from the past or denoting a period of a person’s best work.”  To that end, you’ll find content here that covers everything from a killer crockpot soup recipe to a DIY project made with thrift-store finds to road trips to Dave Matthews Band concerts.

We have the opportunity every day of our lives to make something amazing happen. Today could be the day you do YOUR best work – so let’s go!

What do my readers say?

  Reader testimonial | JunqueRethunque.com


Reader testimonial | JunqueRethunque.com


Reader testimonial | JunqueRethunque.com


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I would love to hear about your business or publication that targets readers and customers who appreciate handmade & DIY projects, travel & adventure, and home & family. My media kit is currently in “creation mode”, but in the meantime, email me to chat about advertising or your collaboration idea. For examples of my published articles, take a gander at my online portfolio.

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